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Your Prestige…


In the production of prestige bed, environmentally friendly Organic Cotton fabric is used which does not contain any harmful chemicals for health and nature. It offers extra orthopedic comfort to its users thanks to a ped that allows your body weight to be evenly distributed on every foot.

Your Prestige…

The Hyper sponge layer, which is used on the pads on both sides of your bed, minimizes unwanted movements and turns during sleep. Both sides are designed according to different orthopedic needs. Do not you want to see beautiful dreams with your confidence that you will not be exposed to any chemicals during your sleep, while you sleep in your prestige bed in the most vulnerable state of your existence?


Very hard
Medium hard ✔
Soft ✔
Very soft


Pamuklu örme kumaş

Silikonlu elyaf

Hyper soft sünger


Hyper Soft Sünger

Destek süngeri

Örme ped kumaşı

Destek süngeri

Thermo felt keçe

Multi spring yay sistemi

Yay destek süngeri

Beyaz fitil