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The foundations of our corporate company were laid in 2005 in Izmir. Initially, the aim was to supply raw materials and materials in order to facilitate the continuity and functioning of the companies operating in the furniture sector.

In the following years, our company, which started to produce beds, bases and hoods in order to respond to the sectoral needs, operates with 7000 m² closed area, latest technological machines and production band as Mega Bed Furniture Industry and Trade Corporation with determined steps taken towards institutionalization in order to serve better purpose. shows.

We continue to work with the mission of contributing to the health of the community by producing sleeping systems based on the latest technology based on the latest technology by combining the product diversity that we have created with the customer oriented production and service understanding with the aim of suplying the different needs of each individual.


To supply customer demands and expectations at the highest level by constantly improving our product and service quality. To establish a strong interaction with our customers through active communication and to provide customer loyalty.


To rise to the leading position in the sector by having competitive power at national and international level, constantly developing itself by synthesizing our traditional values with global values, staying true to technological, environmentally sensitive, social and ethical values. To serve our customers at the highest level, respecting the individual and collective, sensitive to the laws, economic and moral principles, sensitive to health, safety and environment.


We intend to ensure that our products are of all quality and certification, both nationally and internationally, in a manner that is reliable, robust and does not endanger human health. Our quality policy is to comply with the developing technological conditions and respond to the expectations and needs of our customers in a timely manner to increase our market share and our competitive power by making our quality standards constant.